Devil You Know Unveil Album Info

Devil You Know, featuring former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, have unveiled a ton of info about their debut album.

The Beauty Of Distraction will be Howard’s return to full-time music duties and is scheduled for release on April 28 via Nuclear Blast.

“It’s fun to branch out and do some different stuff,” Howard told us last year. “I got to write a little more deep and a little more dark. It’s been fascinating so far.”

The Beauty Of Destruction Tracklist

  1. A New Beginning

  2. My Own

  3. Embracing The Torture

  4. For The Dead And Broken

  5. Seven Years Alone

  6. It’s Over

  7. A Mind Insane

  8. Crawl From The Dark

  9. The Killer

  10. I Am The Nothing

  11. Shut It Down

  12. As Bright As The Darkness