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Cantrell guests on Deftones album

Deftones’ eighth album will feature a guest appearance by Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, frontman Chino Moreno has revealed.

The band decided to extend the invitation after deciding one of the tracks on the follow-up to 2012’s Koi No Yokan needed something extra.

Moreno tells 92.3KOMP: “Jerry is on the album. I don’t know if he wanted anybody to know or not, but I guess I’ve spilled the beans.

“There’s one track, in the demo stages, I was like, ‘There’s this hole in there.’ In Deftones songs there’s not really any guitar solos, but there was a section where it could use something like what he does.”

Cantrell sent back a demo two days after the band made contact, then recorded the final version in their studio.

“It’s like you’re hearing a Deftones song – but all of a sudden a bit of Alice In Chains seeps in,” says Moreno. “As a fan, I was just sitting back and a little tear came out of my eye.”

Deftones play a one-off show in London on November 21. The untitled album, for which 16 tracks were recorded, is expected on September 25. Moreno recently said of the work: “It definitely feels like we’ve taken a step from our last record – but it has all the elements that make us who we are.”