Death's manager needs a new kidney. Could you save his life?

Death in Mexico City
DEATH in Mexico City, June 1989. (from left) Terry Butler, Paul Masvidal, manager Eric Greif, Bill Andrews, and Chuck Schuldiner (Image credit: A Sniper via Wikipedia)

The metal scene is first a foremost, a community. From benefit concerts – like Metallica's wildfire show – to crowd funding (Remember Orange Goblin's incredible GoFundMe campaign to raise money for TeamRock employees who lost their jobs without pay back in Christmas 2016?), our community always have each others backs and are so quick to run to each others aid in times of need.

It makes sense then, that American metal band Death's manager and Morbid Saint Spectrum of Death producer, Eric Greif, would reach out to the scene following the failure of a kidney he was donated 21 years ago.

Eric, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes – a chronic condition for which there is no cure – put out a call to aid via his Facebook page on Saturday, asking US and Canadian friends to help him find a suitable donor with Type O blood. See below for the Facebook post:

Morbid Saint shared the post in hopes of finding someone who can save Greif's life, as he is currently on dialysis and slowly dying, with the words: "Hello everyone,

"Our friend Eric Greif who produced “Spectrum of Death” and was best known for managing the legendary band Death is in desperate need of a kidney. We just wanted to share this in hopes to reach more people. Our thoughts are with our brother Eric. We hope he can find the help he needs."

If you know someone who might fit the criteria and is willing to help out, contact Greif directly on his Facebook page

We wish him all the best of luck in finding a suitable candidate!