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Davis: I quit drink after son, 3, gave me glare

Korn's Jonathan Davis weaned himself off drink after his three-year-old son gave him a glare while he was under the influence.

The nu-metal pioneer has hailed his kids as “blessings” and says fatherhood was the trigger that led him to clean up his life.

Davis tells Shure in the video below: “It’s the greatest thing I ever did, having kids. I remember coming home drunk one night when Nathan was three years old – he looked at me like I was the biggest piece of shit. I think it was two weeks later that I quit.

“They are blessings and they make you want to live. I love my sons more than anything in the world.”

Meanwhile, the vocalist admits he misses the days of big-spending record labels – but he believes the music industry is in a better state today than it was in the 1990s.

He says: “I think the old model, the way they used to do things, got old and tired, and people just need to think of new ways to put music out there. I mean, it is what it is.

“Do I prefer the old-school ways? Yes, I do. Back then you could do so much more, and we got to do such great things like doing that live thing at the Hammerstein, to playing a show on an airplane. Back then you could do big things like that.

“Now it’s not possible. I miss those times. But I think for music in general, now is a better time.”

Watch the full interview below, where Davis adds his tips for survival on the road.

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