Creeper sign deal with Roadrunner


Creeper have signed a deal with Roadrunner Records, the band have announced.

They launched their self-titled debut EP in December last year and are currently working on their next EP – the first with their new label.

Frontman Will Gould says: “Roadrunner Records has been a constant in our lives ever since we were young. They have been a hugely important part of my young life, from picking up the first Slipknot album to The Misfits’ Famous Monsters.

“To be involved with a record company who have put out some the defining records of our youth is incredibly exciting for us. It’s difficult to convey just how thrilled we are to be joining the Roadrunner family and to be making records together.”

Gould, along with bassist Sean Scott, drummer Dan Bratton and guitarists Ian Miles and Sina Nemati have also released a promo for the track Lie Awake. View it below.

They’ll play a handful of festivals in the UK this summer, including an appearance at Download on June 13:

Jun 13: Download

Jul 10: 2000 Trees, Gloucestershire

Aug 14: Hevy Fest, Kent

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