Cozy fans call for hometown plaque


Cozy Powell fans have launched an online petition to have the iconic drummer’s home town recognise his legacy with a plaque – and they’ve already received a favourable response from authorities.

Powell, real name Colin Flooks, died in a car crash in 1998, ending a career that included stints with Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy and more.

His first band, The Corals, were a regular fixture at youth clubs in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Now supporters want town councillors to commemorate his achievements.

Campaign organiser Rossella Amadori says on the petition page: “Some rare artists are able to arouse real, intense emotions – Cozy Powell was one of those.

“His talents were immediately evident to anyone who heard him play. But it was when you saw him performing that he really blew you away. You knew that every part of him was right there. No matter which genre of music he was playing, he always gave everything he had.

“Away from the stage, Cozy was a lovely human being. His colleagues remember his great sense of humour, but also his sensitivity and generosity.”

Calling for Cirencester Town Council to have the plaque created, Amadori adds: “It would be nice if the place he grew up could dedicate something to him as a recognition of his brilliant career and his incredible life. I think he deserves it, having given so much to rock music.”

The petition has secured over 700 signatures to date, and Cirencester Town Councillor Mark Harris has said: “It sounds like a really great idea – we’ll definitely look into the best way of doing this.” The main stage at the town’s Phoenix Festival, held over the weekend, was renamed in Powell’s honour.

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