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Coronavirus Rhapsody is a Queen parody for the age of isolation

Coronavirus Rhapsody
(Image credit: Adrian Grimes / YouTube)

Musician Adrian Grimes has released a parody version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Retitled Coronavirus Rhapsody, it warns of the dangers of failing to observe social distancing guidelines during the current coronavirus outbreak.

The lyrics, by Dana Jay Bein, emphasise how important it is to stay inside as the pandemic continues to put pressure on health systems worldwide.

"I've had a few comments suggesting that this is 'insensitive'," says Grimes. "I want to emphasise that I know where these people are coming from. My wife works in healthcare and I have two young kids; I know very well how this virus could impact my family. 

"Every day that my wife goes to work, I hope it is another 'bonus' day we get together before the wave hits and I don't have to quarantine her and stop our children from hugging her. 

"However, I hope that even in those circumstances, should they occur, I will still be able to maintain a sense of humour, and a lot of comments from people already affected by coronavirus have told me how much they appreciate this. I thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times."

Last week Queen's Brian May released a video message to encourage people to get behind the current lockdown, saying, "The news is that the government has finally shut Britain down in the sense of forcing everyone into isolation. In my opinion, long overdue. I hope there's no backlash from people saying it's an overreaction or something, because the time for all that is well passed." 

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