Corey Taylor halts San Bernardino Slipknot show as mosh pit gets out of control

(Image credit: Ollie Millington/Redferns via Getty)

Corey Taylor was forced to halt one of Slipknot's Knotfest Roadshow 2019 tour shows in San Bernardino last weekend after the mosh pit turned dangerous. 

Videos have been circulating online showing the frontman shouting at the crowd to move back and make space for paramedics to enter the crowd.

"Back the fuck up! No one is fucking getting hurt on my fucking watch," he yells, while the band cease to play music. 

"Do you understand me? Back the fuck up! Now give me a scream, motherfuckers!"

The footage was shared by Reddit (opens in new tab) users, who reported that medical assistance was needed following a disturbingly out of control crowd caused young women "to get trampled and have seizures". 

"Kids and females were on the ground, hurt or unconscious, while people were still running around over them," says Reddit used mSTH95. "If Corey hadn't stopped the song it could of been worse".

Another Reddit user, Horrordave76, posted footage he claims shows one of the victims:

"So the girl I zoom in on was getting crushed, so much so they could not pull her out. It was a good minute before Corey stopped the band and I started recording. It was kinda scary."

While MalnutritionUSA says, "Bro that was straight up insane at the start. During the huge push on the first song a dude went down near me and was passed out face down on the ground."

"Every time I pushed as hard as I could to get some room it instantly filled back up with people I was getting pushed on top of him too. I was seriously worried this dude was going to die down there. 

"I'm pretty beefy and luckily there was another huge dude right there too but it still took both of us giving it our absolute everything, for probably a minute or so, he was going limp then waking up and going limp etc. the whole time he's just in a daze saying help me please help me please."

However, he follows up with "sounds like everyone went home ok though so I'm stoked."

xXFlameOfAnorXx has some sound advice: "All of us Maggots, we need to show absolute respect for our comrades. Pitting is all about the push, but if you see someone down you stop straight away and do everything in your power to get them up!! 

"There's a code guys, and that code says knock down and be knocked down, be tough, take one to the mouth and shrug it off. But if you knock someone down, or see someone drop, stop and raise attention to everyone to help."

Stay safe in the pit, folks!