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Cobalt Chapel stream new track Our Angel Polygon

Cobalt Chapel
(Image credit: Alex Lake)

Psych folk duo Cobalt Chapel have streamed their brand new single Our Angel Polygon. It's the first track released from Yorkshire duo since their much-lauded debut eponymous album and companion piece Variants.

The band is the combination of I Monster/Regal Worm's Jarrod Gosling and Cecilia Fage (Matt Berry And The Maypoles).

"We both love exploring the weird and wonderful places near us in Yorkshire - RAF Fylingdales's three 'golf balls' and its giant pyramid structure which still stands, held real mystery for us," they expain. "It's such a strong visual image. The theme of the song came from that eerie Cold War atmosphere which is both paranoid and adventurous - driven by fear and protection, contrasting with the openness of watching the skies and space. We're both sad it was dismantled, and wonder what happened to those domes, though it's probably for the best that neither of us ever tried to re-home one in our back gardens!

You can listen to Our Angel Polygon in full below.