Clutch ideas come during toilet trips


Clutch frontman Neil Fallon has revealed he often finds inspiration to write while taking a dump.

He hardly ever comes up with great ideas when he sits down with the aim of writing – but when he’s on the bog, he can be quite prolific.

The vocalist explains his inspirational moments in a behind-the-scenes video, shot while Clutch worked on 11th album Psychic Warfare, to be launched on October 2.

Fallon says: “Usually if I sit down with a piece of paper and headphones and say, ‘Now I’m gonna write a song,‘ nothing of worth ever happens.

“The cool stuff always happens at the most inconvenient times. Driving, taking a shower, on the can. Talking to somebody on the phone and you overhear a conversation. A creative levee can break and the whole thing just falls in your lap.”

Clutch have released three videos in a series, under the title The Making Of Psychic Warfare, split into Creation, Production and Speculation clips. Further videos will follow next month. They were created by David Brodsky to offer “an unprecedented view into the studios, as well as insight into the thoughts and ideas behind the making of the new album.”

Clutch return to the UK and Ireland in November. They recently issued a video for X-ray Visions.


  1. The Affidavit 2. X-Ray Visions 3. Firebirds 4. A Quick Death In Texas 5. Sucker For The Witch 6. Your Love Is Incarceration 7. Doom Saloon 8. Our Lady Of Electric Light 9. Noble Savage Clutch 10. Behold The Colossus 11. Decapitation Blues 12. Son Of Virginia