Citizen Cain's Stewart Bell reissues his storybook The Cupboard Of Fear

Stewart Bell
Stewart Bell

Citizen Cain’s Stewart Bell has reissued his storybook The Cupboard Of Fear.

Based on the composer’s childhood experiences, the 32-page book aims to help people overcome their nightmares and learn how to lucid dream.

Bell says: “The story is based on my own experience at six-years-old, and tells how a recurring nightmare I had as a child – about a monster living in the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs – prompted my older brother to teach me how to become aware while I was dreaming. Then, he taught me how to face up to the monster from within the dream.”

The book can be purchased via the website Learn How To Lucid Dream.

Meanwhile, Bell says they’ve pushed back the release date of The Antechamber Of Being Part Two “due mainly to the enormity of the mixing job.” Further release details will be revealed in due course.

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