Chickenfoot end leaves Satch bewildered

Joe Satriani believes his Chickenfoot bandmates have given up on writing another album because they think it’s too difficult.

And that leaves the guitarist bewildered – and tired of trying to change their minds.

He’s previously discussed how he thinks the supergroup has run out of steam after two records because singer Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith have lost focus.

Former Van Halen men Hagar and Anthony are concentrating on covers band The Circle, while Smith continues work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Satch tells Bravewords: “I’m not going to wait – I’m spent. I’m tired of being the guy that’s always saying, ‘Come on, let’s go.’

“I don’t mind that. I’m great friends with all of them. But I’ve just had to come to that realisation. I think maybe they moved on earlier and I was just clinging to hope.”

He says of Hagar: “I don’t think he believes that making orginal music is worth his time any more – which is kind of sad. I just don’t get that part of it.”

And he emphasises: “A band I thought really had a future is calling it quits because they think it’s too difficult. I don’t understand that.”

Satch’s latest solo album Shockwave Supernova – featuring material he’d planned for Chickenfoot’s third release – is out today. He’s previously said he’s on the lookout for another band.

Satriani streams Shockwave title track

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