Cannibal Corpse celebrate selling 2 million records


Cannibal Corpse have praised their fans after they were honoured for selling two millions records.

The death metal veterans were presented with a plaque by their record label Metal Blade Records ahead of a show in California to commemorate the milestone.

And while they’re thrilled with the accolade, both singer George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher and guitarist Rob Barrett are quick to hail their fans for sticking by them.

Fisher tells Metal Sanaz: “I think it says a lot about the fans of death metal. It goes to show what we’ve always been saying, death metal’s not even close to dead.

“It was pretty crazy when we went past a million and now it’s two million plus. Not to downplay it, but I think those are things you reflect on later on. It’s not like we dwell on it much, we’re still on tour.

“We’ve got shows to play. I don’t sit around and dwell on it. But of course it’s awesome, it’s a pretty big deal. Especially for a death metal band.

“And it shows that in this day and age people are still buying records, which is a good thing. It says to the world we’re here and we’re not going anywhere.”

Barrett adds: “Two million units sold. Pretty good feat. A lot of hard work we put into doing that. We think our fans are the best and we appreciate the hell out of you. Thank you very much.”

Cannibal Corpse released their 13th album A Skeletal Domain last year and will play at this year’s Bloodstock festival at Catton Park, Derbyshire on August 6-9.