Butcher Babies praise In This Moment’s Brink


Butcher Babies say In This Moment’s Maria Brink advised them to rise above internet haters and to continue making music on their own terms.

Heidi Shepherd, Carla Harvey and co have been on tour across the US with In This Moment. And Shepherd says having support from other female artists is invaluable.

She tells Rock Rage Radio: “Maria gets what it’s like to be a girl in this industry. She’s been at it for a really long time.

“She gives us really good advice on being female in this industry. For every girl, there’s shit that will always be said on the internet. She was just like, ‘You know what, don’t read anything, don’t listen to anything because you’re doing good what you’re doing.’

“It’s nice to have that support from other girls in this business.”

The band have finished recording the “more thrashy” follow-up to 2013 debut Goliath and recently revealed their emotions got the better of them in the studio. They’ll play next month’s Download festival at Donington Park.