Buckcherry never tire of their tracks


Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd says they don't feel any distance has build up between the band and their material, because they considered the possibility while they were writing.

And although he admits today’s Download main stage wasn’t the best they’ve ever played, he believes they pulled it together long before the end.

Asked whether he ever feels distant from the person he was when he wrote certain lyrics, Todd tells TeamRock Radio: “No – we always thought about that when we were writing. We thought, ‘We’d better like this song because we might have to do it thousands of times.’”

He asserts: “I love all our songs. I love what Buckcherry represents.” Pressed to pick out a weak number he replies: “I can’t pinpoint one song.”

The singer hopes people understand that, in order to knock his voice into shape before performing at 12.50pm, he had to get up around 7.30am. “Honestly, it was a little early for us,” he says. “It took us a little while to get started. We finished strong – but we wished we were going on a little later.”

Guitairst Keith Nelson sees the bright sight, saying: “Any time you play a European festival and don’t get bottles of urine hurled at you, or mud because it was raining, I think it’s a win.”

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