"It's not over": Bruce Dickinson is ready to start writing again for the follow up to his forthcoming new solo album The Mandrake Project, says he "already has 10 or 12 different ideas for it"

Bruce Dickinson in 2023
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Bruce Dickinson has revealed that he is set to start writing again for his next project, following the release of his upcoming solo album The Mandrake Project on March 1. 

In conversation with Loudwire Nights, the Iron Maiden frontman opened up about his busy schedule, noting how the pandemic gave him time to consider his goals and what he truly wants to be working on.

He says (transcribed by Blabbermouth): "We all got locked up for three years, so in that time, it gives you a lot of things — perspective, a chance to let ideas breathe, and a chance to discriminate against what's truly important and what's really not important. Now, of course, the world is back and we are just crazy busy."

To coincide with his upcoming solo record, Dickinson is sharing a 12-issue comic book series, which is due to be drip-fed into stores over the next three years.

Detailing his schedule, he explains: "This year is gonna be nuts for me, which I don't have a problem with. As long as my legs stay attached to the rest of my body, I'm gonna be okay. Don't go swimming with sharks.

"I've got basically 90 shows this year, just under, between the solo tour, which goes up to 21 of July, and then the Maiden tour that starts at the beginning of September and goes right the way through to just two weeks before Christmas. 

"So that's full-on. There's like a three-week break in the middle, but that's it, during which time we'll be doing absolutely nothing — lying down somewhere going, 'Okay.' Recharge the batteries and off we go for round two. But it's really exciting, the intensity of it all."

Speaking of his ongoing projects, he continues: "And, yeah, it's not over. I mean, the comic's gonna go on for three years, just under. And in terms of music, obviously The Mandrake Project, the album is done, out March 1, and then we'll see how people take to it. 

"But I'm going to be writing music in two or three weeks, I hope, with [longtime guitarist and collaborator] Roy['Z' Ramirez] again, because we've got more stuff we wanna do. So, yeah, there'll be another album, because we already have 10 or 12 different ideas for it."

Dickinson's new solo album The Mandrake Project will be released this Friday via BMG. And you can read all about it in the new issue of Metal Hammer.

Bruce Dickinson on the cover of Metal Hammer

(Image credit: Future (Cover shot: John McMurtrie))

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson is to host a number of album-signing sessions in UK record shops in early March.

The dates and timings of the events are as follows:

Mar 01: HMV Cardiff (at midnight)
Mar 01: HMV Oxford Street, London (at 6 pm)
Mar 02: HMV Vault, Birmingham (at 11:30 am)
Mar 02: HMV Meadowhall, Sheffield (at 5 pm)
Mar 03: HMV Manchester (at 2 pm)

Those wishing to attending the signings will be required to register here.

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