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Blythe blown away by internet vitriol

Randy Blythe says the internet has warped the way people view the world and he can’t believe the things that are deemed acceptable these days.

The Lamb Of God frontman insists he “not a luddite,” but he can’t understand how technology has allowed us to become so accepting of some of the views aired online.

He tells Revolver: “If you think about the type of shit you can talk on the internet anonymously, this would never, ever happen 30 years ago. Think about Justin Bieber.

“I can’t name a single Justin Bieber song. I don’t really know what his music sounds like. But I’m sure it’s not good. He’s not writing anything life-changing. But if you Google ‘I hate Justin Bieber,’ or ‘Kill Justin Bieber’ — and I did this one time — there’s thousands of hits that come up.

“And I read all these comments from anonymous people, some of whom are probably 14-year-old kids. And they’re writing stuff like, ‘I hope he dies. I wish he’d catch on fire. Someone should murder him.’

“They’re doing this in a public forum, and this is the norm. There are no repercussions. So, yes, Justin Bieber probably sucks. But does he deserve to die? Dude, he’s a fucking Canadian pop singer. When I was a kid, if I had a problem with someone I’d go to his fucking face and deal with it. It’s insane to me that this type of shit is accepted now. It’s fucking nuts.”

Meanwhile, in a separate interview the singer gives his replies to a quick-fire list of questions. He tells Nights With Alice Cooper of his hatred for the Westboro Baptist Church, saying: “The God Hates fags dudes, I don’t like them. Fuck those guys.”

And on how he would define ‘misery’, he adds: “I couldn’t put on a suit and a tie and go work in an office crunching numbers. Math is misery, I suck at it.”

As for his philosophy on life, Blythe says: “Don’t be a dick. That’s the answer to life, it’s that simple.”

Lamb Of God released latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang last month and will return to the UK and Ireland with Megadeth for a run of shows in November.

Stef manned the news desk between 2014-2016 and not only was he a font of knowledge on his favourite band Pixies, but he also played bass in UK rock favourites Logan. He has since emigrated to his beloved Canada.