Blockheads in film crowdfunder


Movie producers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to make a documentary about Ian Dury’s band the Blockheads.

Free Seed Films want to raise £50,000 from fans to present the onscreen story of original members Mick Gallagher, Chaz Jankel, Johnny Turnbull and Norman Watt-Roy.

They were part of the outfit created by Dury in 1977 from the ashes of The Loving Awareness Band and Kilburn And The High-roads. All four play in the current lineup, having separately worked with Paul McCartney, the Clash, Nick Cave, Link Wray, Roger Daltrey and many others.

Free Seed say: “The story of how the band came to back Dury is quite amazing, and the career each member has had is, quite frankly, unbelievable.

“No one has ever told the full story on film – previous documentaries focused mainly on the artists they were backing.

“With careers spanning six decades, working with more than one major artist in each decade, there’s so much untold history, which we intend to reveal.”

The resulting film, Beyond The Call Of Dury, will be accompanied by a soundtrack album including new songs and score by the Blockheads. Pledge points start at £5 to offer basic support and run to £2000 to appear in the movie, sing backing vocals, the original sleeve artwork and a range of limited-edition items.