Blink-182's new single Quarantine is where punk and the pandemic collide

Blink 182 portrait
(Image credit: Columbia Records)

Blink-182 have released a new single, Quarantine, and along with it have unwittingly issued the most succinct lyric of 2020: 'I thought things were f**ked up in 2019, f**k quarantine!'

A track about – you guessed it – how difficult taking part in a global pandemic has been on the Blink members, the song is a short sharp blast of snot-nosed noise which plays homage to the "crappy punk rock music" the band grew up playing. 

“This song is about the sadness, confusion, anger and frustration we are all experiencing right now," says Mark Hoppus of the track. 

"I hope that everybody is safe and that we can get through this very soon. Can’t wait to see you all on the other side.” 

Travis Barker adds: "The song was inspired by the quarantine and the crappy punk rock music we have loved to play since day one. All the drums are one take and I even sang some back up vocals.  

"Mark sounds more pissed off then I’ve ever heard him and I really like it.”

Check out Quarantine below.

Briony Edwards

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