Billy Gibbons lets light in on Perfectamundo


Billy Gibbons has launched a video explaining how new album Perfectamundo was put together. On the album, Gibbons is backed by a group of musicians called The BFG¹s, while the music has an Afro-Cuban flavour with elements of jazz, pop, blues and hip-hop thrown into the mix.

“The real challenge was working with sounds that haven’t showed up on a ZZ Top record,” says Billy. “Timbale, bongos, maracas, conga… it brought back the experience I had as a youngster, when I wound up under the tutelage of the great mambo king Tito Puente. It’s no secret that he was a very ferocious leader, and he led me into some really interesting aspects of timing. When we began this work on Perfectamundo, it all came back. It’s like riding a bicycle.”

Perfectamundo is released on November 6.

*Perfectamundo* Track Listing

1. Got Love If You Want It
2. Treat Her
3. You¹re What¹s Happenin¹, Baby
4. Sal y Pimiento
5. Pickin¹ Up Chicks On Dowling Street
6. Hombre Sin Nombre
7. Quiero Mas Dinero
8. Baby Please Don¹t Go
9. Piedras Negras