Bill Wyman goes Back To Basics


Bill Wyman will release his first UK solo album in 33 years when Back To Basics arrives on June 22.

The former Rolling Stone’s 12-track title comes after he discovered over 60 unused demos in his archive. Three of those appear on the album, while the others are brand-new.

Wyman says: “Initially I thought, ‘I’m a bit old for this’ – but then I thought, ‘All the old blues musicians played till they dropped, so why don’t I give it a go?’”

He was joined in the studio by longtime collaborator Terry Taylor, Mark Knopfler’s colleague Guy Fletcher plus Graham Broad and Robbie McIntosh.

Back To Basics is described as “clean, subtle and accomplished” with “snappy lyrics” and “rhythmic muscularity.”


  1. What & If & When & Why 2. I Lost My Ring 3. Love, Love, Love 4. Stuff (Can’t Get Enough) 5. Running Back To You 6. She’s Wonderful 7. Seventeen 8. I’ll Pull You Through 9. November 10. Just A Friend Of Mine 11. It’s A Lovely Day 12. I Got Time 13. Exciting (Digital-only bonus track)