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Beth Hart plans to scale back touring

Beth Hart is planning to scale back her touring activities in future – so she can have a life.

She’s known for spending up to nine months of the year on the road, mainly in Europe. But while she still loves performing live, she can’t ignore the other calls on her time.

Hart tells the Spokesman-Review: “I’m finding that it’s getting in the way of me having a connection to the real world, and that’s the only place I can really write from.

“I also just want to take care of myself. I want to have a life with my husband, spend some time with friends and family, and enjoy my life, instead of it all being about touring.”

She’s wary of becoming trapped in an environment where it’ll become difficult to reconnect beyond the music industry.

“If you surround yourself with everybody who tells you how great you are, you’re never going to move – the art just dies,” she says.

“Surround yourself with people who point out where you need to stretch or where you’re hiding and they’re giving you that criticism. I think that’s just fantastic. As much as my ego doesn’t like it, that part of the artist that wants to grow loves it.”

Hart launched seventh album Better Than Home in April. She’s currently touring North America and returns to Europe in November, with a sold-out show at London’s Union Chapel on December 14.

Beth Hart:

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