Ad-Rock wonders about his future after Beastie Boys


Beastie Boys guitarist Adam ‘Ad-Rock’ Horovitz admits he’s been at a creative loose end since the death of Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch brought the band’s career to an end.

Yauch passed away of cancer in 2012, leading surviving members Horovitz and Michael ‘Mike D’ Diamond to put the outfit on a hiatus that appears to be permanent.

Since then, they’ve been working on a book about their career, although it’s at least two years away from publication.

Horovitz tells Rolling Stone: “It’s like, ‘What do you do with your life when your former life is no more?’ I have to figure it out – I don’t know if I ever will.

“I’m used to having other people plan stuff for me. I don’t plan anything, so at some point maybe I have to start doing that.”

He hasn’t been entirely idle – he plays bass in comedian Bridget Everett’s band, he’s filmed a role in a Ben Stiller movie and he’s tied up with a sandwich shop for a charity project.

He says of the Beastie Boys memoir: “I write a bunch of stuff and I send it to Mike, and Mike writes a bunch of stuff and he sends it to me. We just comment and have arguments on what we wrote.

“It’s more difficult to remember than it is emotionally. I’m remembering the fun things; not the depressing things. It’s going to be a weird book.”