Bach denies Sweet was asked to produce album

Sebastian Bach denies a claim by Stryper singer Michael Sweet that he was asked to produce an album by the former Skid Row frontman.

Sweet recently revealed that he was asked to help Bach return to a classic Skid Row-era sound by producing an album by the singer.

But Bach insists that was never the case. Responding to a comment by a fan on Twitter, Bach says: Fact: No member of Stryper was ever asked to produce any album by Sebastian Bach. Ever.”

Sweet moved to clear up the matter by saying he was approached by Bach’s label as opposed to the singer himself. Sweet tweeted: “I was asked by the label to produce @SebastianBach. I never said by Sebastian.”

Bach released his latest solo album Give ‘Em Hell last year, and Sweet doesn’t think it’s what Bach’s fans want to hear.

His comments last week included a claim that he would have helped Bach regain a sound similar to Skid Row’s most successful work. He said: “I think people wanna hear Sebastian of old. They wanna hear the Skid Row Sebastian. They wanna hear the hits. And he’s giving them modern rock.”

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