Atreyu reunion baffling, says Saller


Everything about Atreyu’s reunion is perfect, says drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller.

And he’s astonished that the outfit have all the attitude and aggression they had when they started out as teenagers.

The US metalcore outfit got back together in 2014 after a three-year hiatus, returning with free track So Others May Live. They’re gearing up to release sixth album Long Live in September.

Saller tells Metal Talk: “The energy with the band – you can’t calculate it. It’s insane that we all have the same fire in our bellies that we did when we were 16 years old.

“I feel fortunate that we can go away for five years and not play a single show, and have exponentially grown in that time. It’s just baffling.”

He continues: “It’s cool to be 31 and get to go out on stage with your friends, and have it feel new and exciting. I feel like most people get very jaded by this business, and a lot of bands just keep going on autopilot – that’s a horrible, horrible thing.”

Bassist Porter McKnight adds: “Every single thing we do, we love it. Each song we wrote came out so easily and was perfect for exactly what we wanted to do. Every single aspect of this comeback has been perfect. Every show, the fans were fucking phenomenal. To feel that love again…”

Atreyu will play across North America and Europe over the coming months, including an appearance at next month’s Reading and Leeds festivals.