Anthrax detail Disease relaunch


Anthrax have revealed details of their Spreading The Disease: 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition.

The two-disc package will be released on November 20 via Universal and features the original 1985 album along with added live tracks and demo recordings.

Drummer Charlie Benante says: “We wanted to do something special for our fans to celebrate the anniversary of Spreading the Disease.

“We took the idea to Universal a couple of years ago and have been very hands-on with them, creating this special, deluxe edition that we think our fans will really like.”

Guitarist Scott Ian recalls of their second album, and the first to feature vocalist Joey Belladonna: “We didn’t know what we were doing – but we totally knew what we were doing. It’s where we were at – a bunch of 21-year-old kids making our major label debut on a shoestring budget, with nothing but a dream and a bunch of songs that we thought killed.”

Anthrax are continuing work on the follow-up to 2011’s Worship Music and hope to release the record in early 2016. They’ll return to the UK next month with Slayer.

Spreading The Disease 30th Anniversary Edition tracklist

Disc 1

  1. A.I.R.
  2. Lone Justice
  3. Madhouse
  4. S.S.D./Stand Or Fall
  5. The Enemy
  6. Aftershock
  7. Armed And Dangerous
  8. Medusa
  9. Gung-Ho
  10. Medusa (Joey Belladonna demo)

Disc 2

  1. A.I.R. (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  2. Metal Thrashing Mad (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  3. The Enemy (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  4. Madhouse (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  5. Howling Furies (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  6. Armed And Dangerous (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  7. Gung-Ho (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  8. Soldiers of Metal (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
  9. Lone Justice (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  10. Gung-Ho (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  11. Metal Thrashing Mad (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  12. Raise Hell (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  13. Stand Or Fall (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  14. Aftershock (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  15. Armed And Dangerous (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  16. Madhouse (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
  17. The Enemy (Rhythm track tape, 1984)