Andy Wood launches double album


Andy Wood has released a 24-track double album, featuring a mixture of acoustic and electric tracks.

He’s been playing with Creed man Scott Stapp, but he’s now released Caught Between The Truth And A Lie, via HOLMZ Music/Andy Wood Music LLC.

The album covers a variety of musical styles and features an instrumental cover of Led Zeppelin’s Fool In The Rain, with a mandolin taking the place of Robert Plant’s vocals.

The vinyl version of the album comes with a download code for the digital release – but Wood reveals he would rather people listened to the physical version than the digital download.

He tells Lisa Seals: “We live in a world of digital obsession. One of the things I wanted to do was offer the album in a vinyl format. One side is all electric, the other is all acoustic and I wanted to be able to do a limited run of vinyl. The idea was to say, ‘Hey, I made a record.’ It’s so easy to digitally create music – I just wanted to do it the hard way.”

The album can be purchased directly from Wood’s website.

Caught Between The Truth And A Lie tracklist

Disc one: The Truth

  1. Everybody Loves You 2. The Truth… (A Lie) 3. How Mountain Girls Can Love 4. The White Tree 5. 3 For Her 6. Arrowhead Pass 7. Goodnight Moon 8. Alternate Crossings 9. Fool In The Rain 10. Time 11. Dust And Ashes

Disc Two: A Lie

  1. Reach 2. (The Truth…) A Lie 3. Tokyo 4. Trapped In The Past 5. Dracula And His Cooky, Spooky Band 6. Of Elf And Man 7. The Hardest Goodbye 8. Got A Light? 9. For The Queen 10. The Four Horsemen 11. The Ballad Of Ricky And Cal 12. Sugar Hill Road 13. The Cowboy Rides Away