Andy Summers explains Metal Dog


Andy Summers’ new album Metal Dog was created after a contemporary dance project failed to mature.

The former Police guitarist and Robert Fripp collaborator says he regards the work as “avant-garde,” while descriptions of the tracks include “freaky textures,” “sunny moods” and “wild blanket of harmonic distortion.”

Summers recently told Goldmine: “I was looking at a visual artist in New York and I was going to do the music and put it with a dance company. I was very much thinking about dances on a stage, with video and all that.

“Towards the end, we didn’t come up with much, so I had a lot of tracks and I decided there was a really good album in here. I was pleased to form it into a full-length CD.”

Metal Dog is released via Andy Summers Music on December 4 on CD, and it’s available now in digital formats.


  1. Metal Dog
  2. Animal Chatter
  3. Ishango Bone
  4. Vortex Street
  5. Bitter Honey
  6. Qualia
  7. How Long Is Now?
  8. Harmonograph
  9. Oceans of Enceladus
  10. Mare Imbrium