Ancient VVisdom detail Sacrificial


Ancient VVisdom have announced their third album will be released next month.

Titled Sacrificial, it launches on October 14 via Magic Bullet Records and is the follow-up to 2013’s Deathlike. It’s their first outing with drummer Mitch Keith Morris.

The group’s lyrics deal with the occult and frontman Nathan Opposition says the album will “enlighten” those hearing them for the first time.

He says: “Where there is chaos you will find us. Where there is disorder, others find discomfort but I find salvation. Lead me not unto anything. I am my own. This album will enlighten the fools and give the enlightened something to listen to.”

Sacrificial tracklist

  1. Rise Of An Ancient Evil 2. Chaos Will Reign 3. Blood Offering 4. Devil’s Work 5. Blind Leading The Blind 6. Worm Ridden Skull 7. I Am Your Sacrifice 8. City Of Stone 9. We Are Damnation 10. Higher Into The Black Flames