Stardust’s last album launches early as tribute


Alvin Stardust’s final album will be launched earlier than planned as a tribute to the late glam star, his label have confirmed.

Real name Bernard Jewry, and also known as Shane Fenton, Stardust passed away yesterday at the age of 72, soon after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He’d recently completed work on Alvin, his first studio project in 30 years, which he’d described as a “departure” from the 1970s and 1980s material he’s best known for.

Now Conehead Records say: “The release of the final album by Alvin Stardust will be bought forward to October 27. It’s a worthy testament to a talent that endured, and a reputation that will continue.

“This is a collection reflecting a maturing performer, at home with the nuances of his remarkable voice. It’s a reflective, speculative and deeply personal album that beguiles with an open honesty that recalls the best of the singer-songwriter genre.”

Stardust’s manager Andy Davies says: “Alvin and I had started working together over the last couple of years because he and I believed that, musically, he still had a great deal to give.

“We recorded an album that’s a testament to an artist who gave his career to music. I may not have known him long – but even in that short time he proved to be one of the most genuine and likeable men I’ve ever met. His passing is a huge and sad loss.”

Conehead confirmed that Stardust’s family were around him when he died.