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Alice Cooper on the vinyl resurgence

Alice Cooper says he signs more vinyl records for fans these days than he does CDs.

And the shock rocker thinks the vinyl resurgence is down to kids being sick of “buying air.”

He tells WGRD 97.9: “Last year, vinyl went up 85%. And the kids, I think they’re tired of buying air. They don’t get anything with it. I think this generation is rebelling against the technology thing. I sign more records than I do CDs anymore.”

This month, figures released by ICM Unlimited indicated the number of vinyl purchases continues to grow across the UK – and show that rock remains one of the most popular genres.

The research found that 41% of those questioned were buying rock albums, while the biggest increase was in the 18-24 year old range, which showed a 14% jump since 2013.

Cooper adds that buying a record gives fans the chance to “own a piece” of the band. He says: “We were in a golden age where you’d go to a record store and buy records. And when you bought the records, you owned a piece of Motley Crue, you’d own a piece of Alice Cooper.”