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Alice Cooper enjoys Wayne's World fan requests

Nita Strauss says Alice Cooper loves engaging with his fans – even when it comes to re-enacting his famous scene from Wayne's World.

Strauss says the shock rocker even makes time during family meals to speak to starstruck fans and she describes him as “a legend” in every sense of the word.

Strauss made her name as part of all-female tribute act The Iron Maidens and took over from Orianthi in Cooper’s touring band in June.

She tells NI Rocks: “Alice is a true professional, true performer in every sense of the word. The man is a legend. I have never seen him have a bad show, and that’s the honest truth.

“He leaves it all on stage. Even off stage, he’s really amazing with his fans. He’s definitely passionate about what he does and is really amazing with the fans – even if someone interrupts him when he is having a meal or is busy with his wife Sheryl, who’s on the tour with us, he always takes time to greet the fans, take pictures, answer questions and re-enact the Wayne’s World scene where they say ‘we’re not worthy.’ He always takes time for everybody.”

On her role with Cooper’s live band, Strauss admits having to be mindful of the multitude of fellow players on stage.

She says: “There’s a lot going on visually and a lot going on musically. You definitely, as a guitar player in a three-guitar lineup, have to be mindful of what you’re playing, not to make extra string noise and stuff like that. You really have to be mindful of what everyone else is playing and also where everybody else is on stage.

“There’s a lot of people on that stage and a lot of props. Pretty sharp swords and guillotines. I know Tommy Henriksen got cut by the sword once. There’s a lot going on from the audience perspective, but there’s even more going on from the musicians’ perspective.”

Earlier this year, Strauss spoke about her joy and surprise at joining Cooper’s band, insisting she still has to pinch herself at times.