AILD men say Lambesis stole their thunder

As I Lay Dying men Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso, Nick Hipa and Josh Gilbert say murder-for-hire frontman Tim Lambesis stole their thunder in a band statement they knew nothing about.

Yesterday’s announcement broke a silence which had been kept since the singer was arrested and charged with trying to arrange the killing of his wife.

He’s pled guilty and will be sentenced next month. In the meantime, his colleagues had refused to discuss the situation in public until they began hinting at a new musical project earlier this week.

In the statement, which appeared to be official, it was revealed the four had joined up with Oh Sleeper Shane Blay to create a “radio friendly” album. It was also suggested that Lambesis might have a future with AILD after serving his punishment.

But Mancino, Sgrosso, Hipa and GIlbert now say: “This was an interesting first time read, as all parties were oblivious to its construction, intent, and release.

“Tim is the only one with access to the site, the rest of us have been releasing content through our personal social media accounts to reveal that we are carrying on in a new band.

“Our intentions were to make this unveiling interesting and exciting for anyone who has supported us over the past year. We had hoped to show you how things were coming together rather than simply tell you.

“Though the third-person statement released earlier compromises a lot of how we had hoped to unroll things, we remain positive in our outlooks and look forward to sharing new music soon.”

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