Lambesis may have future with As I Lay Dying

Tim Lambesis may have a future with As I Lay Dying, despite his looming punishment for attempting to have his wife killed.

He’ll be sentenced next month after admitting his guilt, and he’s expected to face a long prison sentence.

The rest of the band yesterday began hinting at new music with a new singer – and now they’ve confirmed Oh Sleeper’s Shane Blay will be at the mic for a “radio friendly” album due later this year.

But that doesn’t mean AILD have no future. In a statement they’re described themselves as “sleeping rather than dead.”

They explain: “As I Lay Dying was originally owned by Tim, then ownership was shared with Jordan Mancino. As the only official members, neither would like to move forward at the moment.

“There has been enough communication to establish some differences in opinion about what to do in the distant future. Tim believes AILD should only pick back up if it’s in a form restored to its roots. Jordan feels differently. Even if more discussions were to take place, he would rather take time to pursue other things.

“That includes releasing new music with three of the guys from the most recent As I Lay Dying lineup. They’ve already recorded their debut album – it’s not meant to replace As I Lay Dying because it is something stylistically different under a different name. They’ll have stuff to release through Metal Blade relatively soon, which will be an interesting combination given the band’s more radio friendly sound.”

The band say Lambesis no longer wants to pursue a future as a full-time musician, no matter how his sentencing goes. But they add: “Creating new music is the part Tim loves most and he will always continue to release albums. That includes a bunch of stuff he has recorded in the past six months, that he will announce a name for soon.”

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