Aeges stream Above & Down Below


LA rockers Aeges have made their second album available to stream in full.

Above & Down Below launches on September 23 via The Mylene Sheath and is the follow-up to 2012 debut offering The Bridge.

And vocalist/guitarist Kemble Walters says the addition of two new members allowed the band to fully explore their sound.

He tells Alternative Press: “Above & Down Below definitely means a lot to the band. Although it’s our second full-length, it’s the first with the addition of drummer Mike Land and guitarist Cory Clark.

“With the addition of these two members, the band have been able to expand and more clearly focus on what Aeges truly is. There’s bigger hooks, thicker riffs, and pulsating rhythms.”

Kemble also says each track has a definitive meaning and stresses it carries dark themes throughout.

He adds: “The themes of the record are rather dark, focusing on the more animalistic nature of the human race and how we see religion, friendship and trust.

“We’re extremely proud of the lyrical content on the album. Each song has a definitive meaning to each of us but is written in a way that allows the listener to interpret it to best suit their current situation.”

The album is now available for pre-order and comes in a variety of formats, including green and gold splattered vinyl.