Phil Rudd arrested again


Ex AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been arrested again, his lawyer has confirmed.

It comes less than a fortnight after the 61-year-old was sentenced to eight months of home detention in New Zealand for making death threats and possession of drugs.

His counsel, Craig Tuck, has not revealed any details but reports: “All I can say is he has been arrested and will be appearing on Monday in the Tauranga District Court.”

Rudd was arrested in November and originally charged with plotting murder before eventually pleading guilty to the lesser charges in April.

The court heard how he’d offered an employee $200,000 to have another person “taken out” as a result of his solo album Head Job failing to make an impact. A number of illegal substances were discovered at his home when he was arrested.

Judge Tom Ingram said in his ruling that Rudd was a “relatively fragile man” who “felt bound to lead a rock star life publicly.” He added: “You are now 61 years old, Mr Rudd – you are not 21.”

The drummer has launched an appeal against the sentence. AC/DC continue their Rock Or Bust world tour with Chris Slade behind the kit.