AC/DC ex Slade hails Malcolm Young


Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has reacted to news of Malcolm Young’s health issues by hailing him as the “greatest rhythm guitarist ever born.”

The Aussie giants this month reported that mainman Young was “taking a break” from the band as a result of an unconfirmed problem – but his colleagues intended to start studio work on a prospective new album in May.

Slade, who spent five years with AC/DC from 1989, tells Rhythm: “It’s terrible to hear about Malcolm. I knew he was ill. He’s been ill for a long time, but I think it’s come to a head by the sounds of things.

“I’ve spoken to other guitarists about this – he must be the greatest rhythm guitarist ever born.

“Even Angus says he’s a better guitarist. He makes the drummer’s job so easy; he’s a metronome.”

Welshman Slade has played stints with Manfred Mann, Uriah Heep, Denny Laine, David Gilmour, The Firm, Asia and many others. He’s currently focusing on his Chris Slade Timeline, performing tracks from across his five-decade career.

Last week The Kinks guitarist Dave Davies sent a message of support to Young, urging him to remain active and keep playing his instrument.

It’s not known whether AC/DC are still planning to play 40 shows to mark their 40th anniversary this year, as revealed by frontman Brian Johnson before Young’s illness was confirmed.