A daytime radio station accidentally played Steel Panther’s Glory Hole, and you can guess what happened next

Steel Panther against a Sirius XM backdrop
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Some songs just aren’t meant to be played on daytime radio. Cannibal Corpse’s gore-metal classic Hammer Smashed Face. Sleep’s hour-long stoner metal endurance test Dopesmoker. And pretty much anything by Steel Panther.

Sadly, South African station LM Radio must have missed the memo. Somehow, the station that prides itself on playing “the smoothest tunes from the ’70s to today” recently aired Steel Panther’s ode to restroom fellatio Glory Hole – a song that features such family-friendly lines as “Honey I don't wanna know who's sucking my dick today” and “Gonna blow my load at the glory hole” – at 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon.

How did this cock-rock SNAFU happen? Turns out it was the perfect storm of hacking, system failure and good old fashioned ineptitude. In a since-deleted Facebook post, LM Radio CEO Lyndon Johnstone offered a hand-wringing apology while attempting to explain what the hell went wrong.

"On behalf of LM Radio. I want to apologise unreservedly for the song Glory Hole by Steel Panthers [sic] that was played just after 2pm yesterday (Sunday),” said Johnstone.

“This song, together with others from Steel Panthers, was inadvertently backed up onto our Server following the cyber-attack on our systems earlier this year.

“When an Hour is short-scheduled, the system automatically includes songs to fill the hour. Glory Hole was unfortunately the song picked by the system," revealed the station in their statement.”

Johnstone added that all Steel Panther songs had been deleted from a server they shouldn’t really have been on in the first place, while doubling down on how sorry the station was. “I again apologise for this and assure you that the content of that song does not resonate with who we are as a radio station and as individuals.”

Naturally, Steel Panther themselves were quick to jump on the mistake, sharing the station’s apology on Facebook with the words “They say, ‘We’re sorry.‘ We say, ‘You're welcome.’”

They followed it with a spoof ‘Marked Safe’ post saying. “Marked Safe from Steel Panther hacking my radio station today.”



Steel Panther facebook post

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