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5SOS hail fellow 'astronauts' Benji and Joel Madden

Australian pop punk outfit 5 Seconds Of Summer say Madden brothers Benji and Joel have helped them out with invaluable advice.

The Good Charlotte founders, who now work as The Madden Brothers, have writing credits on a number of tracks – including She’s Kinda Hot – on 5SOS album Sounds Good Feels Good, due out on October 23.

Bassist Calum Hood tells MTV (via Music News): “They’re like our big band brothers. Every day, they have another motivational speech. They come up with the best analogies.”

Drummer Asthon Irwin was most impressed with one particular analogy Joel came up with. He says: “It was about touring life and being on a bus, like this is almost a spaceship, and we are the astronauts, and you can’t really explain to people who aren’t astronauts what you experience on tour.

“But you can explain it to other astronauts, and he was saying, ‘I’m a fellow astronaut.’ He’s very good with words.”

In May of this year, Fall Out Boy vowed that a long-planned collaboration with 5SOS would go ahead once they could work out time in their schedules.

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