XCOM 2 to invade consoles later this year


2K Games has announced that their alien invasion strategy sequel XCOM 2 will be getting a console release later on in the summer.

XCOM 2 originally launched on PC earlier this year to a warm critical reception. The game imagines a world where the player’s efforts to fend off an alien in the first game XCOM: Enemy Unknown were ultimately a failure. Now players must fight a guerilla insurgency against the new alien overlords and take the planet back for humanity.

The XCOM series has its roots back in the nineties where the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (or XCOM: UFO Defense as it was known in North America arrived). It was then followed up by a sequel set in the deep ocean called XCOM: Terror From The Deep. All was fairly silent for the series until 2012 saw XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a reboot of the series, arrive on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Strategy. That sounds dull,” just hold on a minute. The series may indeed be turn-based strategy at its very heart but its trademark was its incredibly tough gameplay and terrifying atmosphere. XCOM; Enemy Unknown also had an amazong way of helping player weave their own stories into the game’s over-arching storyline with fully customizable and nameable soldiers who could die permanently.

XCOM 2 follows on in that tradition completely and will hit the PS4 and Xbox One on September the 9th.