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What Is The Greatest Prog Track Of All Time?


So what’s your favourite progressive rock track all time? That’s what we want to know…

It can be anything - song, instrumental, suite, even single. But we want to know what it is. Can you look no further than the super sounds of the late 60s and early 70s? Or is that not your generation? Maybe you hanker for something from the neb-prog inspired 80s? Maybe the prog metal fuelled 90s? Or since the dawning of the new Millennium (and with it a new dawning of progressive music) maybe newer progressive sounds have grabbed your fancy.

Well, now is the chance for you to let us know as we compile the ultimate list of the 100 Greatest Prog Tracks of all time.All we need you to do is list you Top 5 prog tracks. Tell us why you’ve made each choice (as we like to include readers’ thoughts on the tracks that make the over-all list when we print it in an upcoming issue of Prog). And e-mail it to us here.

We’ll be printing the whole 100 in a future issue of Prog. Closing date for entries is Thursday December 8.

Jerry Ewing

Founder and Editor of Prog Magazine. Enjoys almost all progressive music in its many guises, but is especially partial to a slice of post rock.