What is it like in the studio with Trivium?


Trivium’s eighth album The Sin And The Sentence is out today (October 20) and it’s a blistering display of old and new-school Trivium with no smooth edges in sight. In a previous video we sat down with Matt Heafy and Paolo Gregoletto to discuss the writing of the new record, and in the below clip we talk about what it was really like in the studio and how it compared to the previous records. We discuss the use of vocal harmonies, how fast this album was recorded compared to the last, and why dual studios might be the best thing ever.

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer (and on TeamRock+) we get the real story behind The Sin And The Sentence, and how Matt had to fight back from his devastating vocal injury.

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Trivium's track-by-track guide to The Sin And The Sentence