Watch Dani Filth throw axes at Bloodstock Open Air!

(Image credit: Katja Ogrin/Redferns via getty)

UK based clothing brand Descended From Odin didn't just bring their awesome Nordic inspired street and sport wear to this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival, but they also brought with them a whole sporting area, where you could try your hand at lifting logs and throwing axes (provided by Mammen Axes) while knocking back their brand new mead and kitting yourself out in Viking jewels. 

We were so impressed and excited to kill time between bands with these metal as fuck activities, that we got an idea – why not get the UK's reigning king of black metal, Dani Filth, to try his hand at the sport?

Being a badass metal demon, Dani Filth was obviously game for some brutal axe throwing (what better way to blow off steam before storming the Dio stage, eh?) but how did he do? 

Turns out he's a natural... figures!

"I think I found my niche in life," he declares, "Throwing axes at people!" 

Watch the full video below:

Cradle of Filth will be returning to the UK for a very special show - dubbed 'Into The Pallademonium' on Saturday 19th October @ The Palladium, London. Tickets are on sale now and available here.

(Image credit: Nuclear Blast/ Cradle of Filth)

Bloodstock 2020 takes place on 6th-9th Aug 2020. Early Bird tickets are available now here