Watch Corey Taylor and Clown's children perform Slipknot songs

Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan
(Image credit: Instagram: @simon_crahan)

The internet is awash with Slipknot covers – just one cursory YouTube search will prove it. 

Take a look at the song song Duality, it has been covered by various animals, a bunch of children, and Satan knows what else. And now the Knot's music has been reimagined by none other than their own children!

Yup, that's right. Griffin Taylor (son of singer Corey) and Simon Crahan (son of percussionist Shawn/Clown) have uploaded some videos of their band covering their dads' music. 

As you might expect, Griffin is the vocalist and Simon is the drummer, and with the help of bassist Jeremiah Pugh and guitarist Cole Espeland, they blast through Dead Memories and The Devil In I. We're not sure what the band are called, but you know this isn't the last you've heard of them.

Check out their renditions of the Slipknot classics.