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Watch Slipknot's Duality covered by different animals

Corey Taylor performing live with his head replaced by a cat
Purrrrple = Shit

You might remember we recently showed you the animal remix of Linkin Park’s Numb, and now the internet has taken the concept one step further and recreated Duality by Slipknot using nothing more than cats, dogs and goats. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a good time then we don’t know what does.

YouTuber Insane Cherry has used the power of video editing software and disgruntled pets to turn one of metal’s biggest songs into the funniest video you’ll see this week (probably). From the distorted cat moan at the beginning to the remixed ‘cat running into glass door’ to emulate drums to the flappy tongued goat – the video is a smorgasbord of ridiculous mammalian noises. It’s excellent.

This is what Linkin Park's Numb would sound like if remixed by animals