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Vote for the greatest Genesis songs ever

(Image credit: Getty Images)

So what's your favourite Genesis song then? They're one of the pinnacles of progressive rock adventurism and yet they've also scaled enormously successful commercial heights. They've sold approaching 200 million albums!

But where do you stand? We think we know where this one's going to go. But hey, assumption is the mother of all cock ups! Maybe you love the Phil Collins years. Maybe you're a massive fan of the band's 1969 From Genesis To Revelation album. Or maybe you don't think the band have ever been the same since Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett left. Hmmm...

So we've compiled a list of as many Genesis songs as we can come up with, and we've left a field where you can even add more if you can think of them. You can choose up to ten songs. Voting closes at noon GMT on May 10 2019.

We're looking forward to seeing your choices...