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This all-bagpipe cover of The Final Countdown is either the best or worst thing ever

Ah, the bagpipe. To some, it evokes the windblown romanticism of the Scottish glens, as be-kilted armies gird their lions in preparation for doing battle with each other. To others, it sounds like an overweight cat being inflated and deflated for the purposes of ‘entertainment’.

If you’re in the latter camp, look away now. Because bagpiper Archy J – aka The Snake Charmer – has recruited fellow pipers from Celtica Nova and Skiltron to recreate Europe’s mighty 1986 anthem The Final Countdown in a folk-metal style.

What you think of the result depends on your view of the most maligned instrument in history. Us? We kind of like it. Granted, four bagpipes might be overkill, but it does bring out the Braveheart in us. Which is maybe not what Europe’s Joey Tempest intended when he wrote the song back in the day.

Check out the song, then head over to The Snake Charmer’s Patreon page to show some support.