The 20 Best New Bands of 2016 (so far)

Whaddya mean it’s half way through February and you haven’t heard any good new music?

High Hopes: Hudson

Hot New Band: High Hopes

Limelight: Anna Von Hausswolf

High Hopes: Dirty Streets

Hot New Band: Toothgrinder

Bluesbreakers: The Rising Souls

Hot New Band: The Raven Age

Limelight: Octopie

Bluesbreakers: The Yawpers

High Hopes: The White Buffalo

Limelight: The Mighty Bard

Hot New Band: Good Tiger

Limelight: The Anchoress

Bluesbreakers: Graveyard

High Hopes: Simo

Hot New Band: Fit For An Autopsy

Hot New Band: Earthside

Hot New Band: Turbid North

Limelight: The Aaron Clift Experiment

New Band Of The Week: Super Goliath