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The 20 Best Lacuna Coil songs of all time

10. End Of Time

An introspective ballad with lyrics that inspire hope, End of Time’s transfixing throb and use of rich instrumentation reveal an inherent struggle but an unwavering refusal to remain lost in the darkness. 

Lush, expansive harmonies come thick and fast from both vocalists with Cristina’s plaintive cries of “I’m coming home again and now I know where I belong” having the kind of emotional pull capable of reducing the most hardened of souls to quivering heaps. 

9. Delirium

Heavier arrangements and oppressive soundscapes collide on album number eight’s gloriously melodramatic titular track. 

Awash with glitchy rhythms and hypnotic yet sinister chanting, it’s all-consuming and listening is more akin to being dragged down the proverbial rabbit hole. 

Along with THOS, you can really hear band producer / bassist Marco Coti-Zelati’s love for horror movie soundtracks filtering through as the band venture into more experimental territories.

8. Layers Of Time

The lead single from ninth and forthcoming release Black Anima, Layers of Time revels in irrepressible melodies and ear-catching grooves. 

The gravitas of that dual vocal attack remains as powerful as ever with Cristina’s crystalline voice soaring to new heights ahead of the track’s massive chorus. 

It’s classic Lacuna and an absolute belter. You should fully expect this one to go hurtling towards the top 5 when it comes to any future lists. 

7. Nothing Stands In Our Way

The inspiration to pen this track came during the global financial crisis that surrounded the band as they were writing Broken Crown Halo

Despite being conceived during a negative time, NSIOW’s message was ultimately one of positivity in an attempt to give people hope. 

An anthemic chorus and Cristina’s repeated impassioned cries of “We fear nothing!” made this one an instant classic - and always sends fists flying skywards in a live capacity.

6. Trip the Darkness 

Sumptuously eerie and relentless in its delivery, the first single from Dark Adrenaline was a marked departure from Shallow Life and reaffirmed the collective’s penchant for the heavy. 

Addictive melodies, thundering drums and a huge chorus combine to get right in your face; it’s the perfect amalgam of the past and brand-new sounds in turn creating an incredible sense of atmosphere to get completely lost in. 

5. Spellbound

2009’s Shallow Life saw the Italians’ sound shifting towards more mainstream territories with a plethora of material that would sit comfortably on any commercial rock radio playlist. 

The album’s first single favoured catchy accessibility over visceral edge but it’s top 5 status remains a testament to the song’s ability to leave a lasting impression on fans. 

4. Blood Tears Dust

Juddering, electronica-spliced riffs and sprawling guitar solos lend an urgency to this one and showcase a band unafraid to push the envelope of their established sound. 

A brutal assault from start to finish, it’s an unexpected delight to immerse yourself in. Veering wildly between the melodic and the crazed in its tone, this one will have your head banging, feet tapping and render you hoarse. 

3. Our Truth

Tearing out of the blocks with a thundering riff and Middle Eastern-tinged refrains, Karmacode’s lead single alternates between polished, memorable hooks and arresting sonic bite. 

Sounding as fresh today as it did back in 2006, Our Truth always inspires a good singalong – especially during those opening and closing “whooahohuhohhhohhh” trills that consistently raise hairs as well as shit-eating grins. 

A worthy contender that lives up to its lofty Top 3 position.  

2. Swamped

17 years later, Swamped remains a signature LC song as well as a permanent fixture in live setlists. Emotional yet visceral, the opening bars serve as a sonic assault on the senses. 

Synthesised, reverse notes rapidly unfurl to make way for Scabbia’s haunting voice and thundering basslines. 

Bold and futuristic in its style compared to songs on predecessor Unleashed Memories, the menagerie of musical twists and turns ensures it still sounds as timeless today.

1. Heavens A Lie

We asked. You answered. Ladies and gents – may we present your number one choice in the search for the ultimate Lacuna Coil song. 

Visceral and utterly compelling, it remains a benchmark by which all other songs are judge almost two decades later. 

Taken from what is still regarded as the band’s seminal release to date Comalies, this song was at the forefront of this record’s menagerie of musical twists and turns. 

It’s still a live staple in 2019 – and one guaranteed to get every single person moving when that synth-drenched intro drops. 

Dramatic bursts of electronica-drenched theatrics, goth-tinged ambience and that incomparable vocal trade-off – Heavens A Lie remains the quintessential Lacuna anthem. 

Lacuna Coil's new album Black Anima, is out October 11 via Century Media Records and available to pre-order on CD, vinyl or digitally (opens in new tab).