Sepultura: Ten Schizo Facts


* This was the first Sepultura album to feature guitarist Andreas Kisser.

* Previously, Kisser had been Max Cavalera’s guitar tech.

* The lyrics for the song To The Wall were written by Vladimir Korg. He was the singer at the time in a Brazilian metal band called Chakal. He was also the vocalist on the Sepultura song The Curse. This was released in 1985 as part of the EP Bestial Devastation.

* The album was originally released by the Brazilian metal album Cogumelo. The band then got on radio playlists and got the attention of Roadrunner, who signed them, without ever seeing Sepultura live.

  • The 1990 Roadrunner international version included a re-recording of Troops Of Doom, which was first done for previous album Morbid Visions.

* Early pressings of the Roadrunner version has a misspelling of the album title on the spine. It came out as Schizoprenia.

* The album title was inspired by the title of a demo from Italian band Schizo, namely Total Schizophrenia. This was a band Max Cavalera loved at the time.

* The album intro is actually the theme from the classic movie Psycho.

* The song From The Past Comes The Storms was originally titled The Past Reborns The Storms.

  • Escape To The Void is actually a reworking of the song Escape Into The Mirror, which had been recorded by Andreas Kisser’s previous band Pestilence (not to be confused with the Dutch death metal lot). But the Seps rewrote the lyrics.